Pic from my BDay Party

who wants to see them!!!!!!!!

they are awsome lots of bare boob shots!!

however two questions how can i post them???

and can boobies be shown???


not me

Are they YOUR boobies Scotty??

If so, then hell no.

If no, then get em up in tapout on the UG.
(You're not allowed anyplace else apparently that I know of).


cut and paste the link here and some intellegent blue namer will put them up


I'll host and post if you send them my way. Hell I'll even edit them to keep the nasty red name monsters happy. :)

Are the photo's marked 'Property of QLD POL - exhibit A, B, C.... etc'???

geoff you have mail

ttt for the pics

Mmmmmm Bewbies

HAHAHAH the third last one is the. "NAH MAN I KNOW THE BOUNCERS. THEY WILL LET ME BACK IN MAN.. SERIOUS.. " just after getting kicked out.

looks like a fun time.. where do you train again? haha. missed saturday :P

Opps... looks like I shouldn't have opened that one at work!

ohh great night,

"looks like you could decide between heroin chic and "mature" for your strippers so you got one of each scotty :\"

well we actually ordered the blond one and the other girl cancelled so that other one turned up.

i had a great night from what people tell me

Boy women have very large black and white nipples at your partys. From what i remember of the strippers at the partys i have been to their nipples are way smaller than that and can't remember seeing any white ones before ;)

lol , some choice pics, the strippers look like crack whores (sorry) lol..

lol i live down the road from the queens arms, not a bad place.

Cobras after a party like that and pics as well

Cobras for the peoples PRESIDENT of all future parties


P.S. Whats up with the large black and white nipples??????

Thanks zooloo id love to be known as the minister of partying

and of the boys who have gone out on the town with me wil know its always fun.

"looks like you could decide between heroin chic and "mature" for your strippers"


LMAO, after all that cash and hookers, Cobras leaves the building with a man, again!!!

Kewl party, thanks for sharing!!!


what happened with the last pic?

its called to drunk to walk, apparantly i couldnt even stand up and i fell over in the garden of the volvo dealership and couldnt get up without assistance!!!!!

as i said apparantly i reckon someone is wearing my shirt and i have been framed