Pic of my BRB

he's badass.-jk

I'm not able to see the pic.

Holy crap, I'm a mud namer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't they send you an email about this crap?!?

tried to fix it, can you see it now? Cool shot of his teeth...both rows.

I think he was humidifying his mouth or something. He had this pose srtuck, until I flashed the camers, and thed he closed his mouth.


Yup I can see it now.

LOL Nice pic!!!!

Looks like he's gaping, what's the temp like in there?

Sweet pic.

Who let the muddie in here?

Temp is about 70-80 degrees depending on where the heat
source is. Is "gaping" a bad sign?


Good to hear from ya. I LOL when I read your story about
your snake escaping. Glad you found him asap. They are
such escape artists. BTW, If you want any enlargments from
your Tito fight, please let me know. They cost a little $, but
we can work something out fo sure. You rock.

email me,


It depends, usually it's harmless imo if you have a good gradient set up.All gaping is, is a reptiles' way of cooling off since they can't sweat.Instead they open their mouths to let out heat.

70-80 doesn't seem like it would be hot enough to set that off though, but who knows maybe your snake felt a bit too hot?

If it's chronic and they can't escape the heat, then yeah it's a problem.They're like people though, some will have easy availability of cool areas but wish to remain in the heat so they gape for a while instead.My iguana used to do it all the time because he just didn't wanna come out of the sun.If it happens all the time it can be a sign of other problems though.Just keep an eye open for any abnormal behaviour

Testies, Testies, 1,2,.............3?

Ok, got that taken care of.


Great picture!!!!