pic of new Fairtex MMA gloves?

somebody was telling me it was this shiznintit


go look on the realitycombat.tv website at their past few events.

Starting with Duel in the Delta

they have some action photos and everyone was supplied with fairtex new gloves.

do u get to use your own MMA gloves when u fight in KOTC?


Yes. As long as they are approved by the state DI.

They are great, by far the best glove on the market to both train in and fight in. They help protect your hand while still busting up your opponents face.

looks identical to Rogue MMA gloves design


no , they are different

Which ones are you referring to?

my bad, i havent seen them in silver

Those things look freaking nice!!

On fairtexgear.com they have models with and without thumb. I've never had a pair of thumbless gloves. Any advantages in having or not having the thumb on there or is it purely an issue of comfort?


Fairtex MMA gloves are great. I like the thumbless most.

I picked some Ouano UFC gloves on ebay and was pretty knocked out by the quality. I've also got the twins Pride style and know the the shooto style are great too. I should check these out too, too bad they're made by Fairtex. (for some reason, I hate their logo. maybe I am gay, after all) If they could just put their logo on things a bit more tastefully it'd help em out.

I've handled the Twins and the finger wrings were too thick IMO

Check out a company called Woldorf Enterprises. I think it is www.woldorf.com They have some pretty good mma gloves at a good price.

actually, Waldorf is going to work with the Tri-State MMA Training League to develop both better competition gloves and some more padded gloves for training... so give them a look!