pic request: Marsh throws water...

bottle at Cabbage after the Tank fight in UFC. Anyone have that? I think it's by Susumu, and it showed the spray of water traveling from Marsh's hand all the way to Cabbage's flinching face. IIRC. It's a great pic.

Who's got it?

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Marsh should play baseball

That's awesome but he's no Rickson with a water bottle.

if Rickson thought he was better at throwing a water bottle, he would have stepped up against Marsh.

People on the UG criticize Rickson for never throwing a water bottle at someone as dangerous Cabbage, but I think he's a legend and should be respected.


thats not wate, The bottle was empty. Thats chi, and its KO'ing cabbage.

Delayed effect till the Tank Rematch though.

Good thing he only hit Cabbage's head, if that had hit anywhere else Cabbage may have been injured.



Man, thats almost cartoonish !


Looks like Mortal Kombat or something...like a subzero thing or something.

why did he do that?

Seriously, that's a very accurate throw.

As a guy who's lost many snowball fights, I wish I had such accuracy :-(

thats a great photo , I wonder why so small an image ?

LOFL@that pic.

Thanks, ORB. The pic is just as good as I remembered.