Pick: Pretty face or nice body?

So, if women only fell in two categories having pretty faces with crap bodies (too fat or too skinny - whichever you dislike most) or butter face and booming body - WHICH WOULD YOU PICK?!

Pictures welcomed.

Probably butter face and booming body


Chimonos Revenge - Probably butter face and booming body

I was about to ask you how far down the rabbit hole you were willing to go.

Thanks for posting the backup!

Well, if the body is "whichever I most dislike", I'd have to go with the butterface then...I could never enjoy a fat chick

Is gay an option?

Nature can be a cruel bitch sometimes

Girls you would punch in the face ?

Survey says ...

stevekt - Is gay an option?

Only if you agree to be the power bottom.

Some of those girls are not nearly butter face enough to qualify.