Pick the tube distortion pedal you prefer-

hey everybody-

please go here and pick the pedal you think is the most "TUBE amp-like"



or tell me here...you don't have to sign up over there


Mesa/Boogie V-Twin Tube Preamp Pedal

I'd compare anything else to this. So versatile.

well, yeah...but of those two, which do you prefer as more amp-like?

 Sorry, I misunderstood the question because I'm stupid sometimes.

To my ear, pedal A has a crisper tone with a cool brawny bloom to the top end. Pedal B was more competitive in the second clip, but I still preferred pedal A.

What are the pedals used?

A = Behringer VT999 Vintage Tube Monster

B = Radial Tonebone Hot British

$55 pedal vs $200 pedal

I prefer A too- much more open but it lacks a little definition, just a little...I like the lower mid emphasis...a better tube will giveit the clarity it needs I think

Hot British is WAY more compressed but it sounds better when pushed by the amp...it never really opens up like the VT999 though-

for a more "tube amp-like" sound...I think the VT999 gets closest-

 I guess my difficulty with the question is that I don't care whether something sounds more "tube amp like". If it sounds better, it is.

Considering the behringer is Chinese made and the Radial is made in Canada the price difference is no surprise to me. I should check out that VT999, might be just the thing to give my Fender amp a split personality.

Can't ever have too many toys.......

I agree with the "if it sounds better, it is" statement- it's as simple as that for me too...I'm not a cork sniffer-

I just used the "tube amp-like" comparison because I wanted the pedals to warm up a SS and since the pedals are made to give a "tube" tone using 12ax7s...it seemed to be the most logical means for the comparison for what I wanted them to do-

I prefer A from both clips, amazing its a cheap little Behringer. My only problem with their gear is it has a very short lifespan.

when I got the Hot British, it had a NOS Sylvania JHS 12ax7 in it (sweet!!!)

I like the VT999 better overall so I threw the Sylvania in the VT999 last night - can't wait to crank it, I think it'll sharpen up the clarity but still leave the inherent openess of the pedal intact- best of both worlds! (hopefully)

Das- so far no problem with the VT999- I've even had it longer and have used it more than the Hot British-