Pick your best team for Canada

I like
Menjivar at 145 lbs

   Fabio at 155lbs

    GSP at 170lbs

    The crow at 185 lbs

After this I don't know.
What are your picks to represent Canada at Freedom fight against the best the U.S.A. has to offer.Or for that matter just picking the best fighters in Canada at the different weight classes???

Nancoo for 130
Ivan for 145
Holanda or Gill for 155
St Pierre 170
Crow, Doerkson or Kang 185
Mahood or MacDonald for 205 (I know Jaymac is 185 now)
Kryzystoff or Castro for Heavy

what about Goodridge at heavy ?

145 is Ivan...155 is Fabio...170 is GSP...185 is Kang...205 is Cote...Heavy is Goodridge

135- nancoo
145- menjivar/hominick/carvalho
155- stout/holanda/horodecki
170- gsp
185- kang/louiseau
205- cote/macdonald/conliffe
heavy- goodridge

way too many fighters at some spots and anything can happen in mma, so who knows who really is the best at any of these weights.

also if jacob conliffe dropped to 205, would he really lose to cote or macdonald, even though they are 185 fighters now.

i dont train at team tompkins but can stout beat horodecki, really? his ground game is awesome for what 18 or 19 yrs old.

these are only my opinions and hopefully i dont get flamed too badly for them.

I like all the possibilities. Horodecki is going to be awesome.Stout is working hard on his ground game.Conlife cutting to 205 will be a force not to be messed with.
I've never seen Kang fight but sounds like he is a tough mother f#*ker.
Can't forget about Joe Doerkson or macdonald as Joe beat Cote.I do like Cote though.He just had a couple of bad breaks.I thought he had Joe till he was choked out and also thought his fight with Leben was to close to call.
Heavyweight though with Goodridge or Krystoff or Geris .
Also lets not forget about Mark Bocek if he starts fighting again.He fits right in the 155lbs class.

Of all the heavies mentioned Krystoff is by far the most exciting, not the best(Goodridge is the safe bet), but the most exciting. I thought he put on a great show in the first one.

135 - Nancoo

145 - Menjivar

155 - Stout

170 - St. Pierre

185 - Loiseau

205 - Mahood (Cote is down to 185 is he not)

HW - Goodridge

Galbraith is at 205 now.... wow

has he had a fight at that weight yet?

170lbs GSP, JOSLIN

Galbraith fought at 205 against a guy named Chris Wilson at MFC 8. I believe it was Wilson's first fight and he should have never been in there with Galbraith. (It lasted 22 seconds)

Yes Wiley how could I forget Joslin.Saw him fight in freedom fight and the even though the wrong decision on the winner was made I still knew Joslin was an awesome fighter.Defenitely top 3 with the road warrior as well.I really hope Joslin makes it onto the TUF 3 show.He would show them what Canada is all about.Also a great ambasador as well.

Galbraith fought at 210 I believe in King of the Cage. He should take some easy fights(regarding his fight with Wilson). He hasn't been fighting very consistently in the last little bit. He is a good fighter and when he gets back to where he used to be he should be a force to be reckoned with.