Pick your team for a brawl

Your up against two dudes, you know nothing about them. One is 5'6" pudgy 175 but he has a big mouth. The other one is 6'2" lean about 190lbs, probably a laborer. You can call one guy to back you up. Here's your choices.

  1. Joe- 5'9" 185 32 yrs old. Still takes care of himself cardio stregth training. He did some wrestling, junior high and high school. He also Boxed in the military.

  2. Al- 5'10 215lbs 31 yrs old. Power lifter and former college linebacker. You've seen him brawl before and he wins by slamming dudes and head butting them, that's it slams and head butts. Then after the fight he puts his head through car windows.

  3. Larry- 5'8" 180lbs 33 yrs old but still solid. High School football player nose guard, wrestled in highschool. Competitive power lifter. He's a sloppy boxer but hits hard and can take a beating.

  4. Marvin, 5'9" 160 23 yrs old. You've never seen him fight but he always talks about all the years of TMA training and how deadly he is. He also goes to street survival seminars. He claims to be very good at reading people and identifying pre assault indicators. When you ask him if he's ever fought any wrestlers or boxers, he' say's he too deadly for them.

No, my trolling will be taken seriously here.

Joe backs me up.

Al's job is to call the ambulance afterwards.

Larry's job is to make sure a third man doesn't jump in.

Marvin get to make the post-fight beer run.

  1. Leeroy Jenkins

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