Picked up Zombicide yesterday. TME

Needed a new board game to play with the family, and it was my turn to pick one, so I bought Zombicide.

My kids and I are gonna learn how to play it and kill many little plastic zombies!

Anyone else play this? Phone Post 3.0

My friend and his wife visited from out of state and brought this game with them. It seems a bit easy and repetitive but all we did was a small kill 200 zombies mission. I hear when you play a much bigger game with supply runs and what not, things can get out of hand very quick which would be a lot more fun.

Sounds interesting. Dating a girl from a true board game family, I'm looking into this. Phone Post 3.0

Played this game with a bunch of pretty hardcore gamers.

Barely managed to pass one of the co-op supply run levels having to sacrifice 2 guys in order to complete it.

Its was fun, a nice challenge, decent weapon pick ups and some interesting choices.

Its similar to a game called "last night on earth" except you don't have anyone controlling the ZOmbies (which you do in LNOE).

Fun game the one time i played it.

Thanks for the feedback guys. Phone Post 3.0

Played a game today with the kids. Once we get a better handle on the rules and stuff it's gonna be a lot of fun. Phone Post 3.0

I might have to check this out. Is there a cap on the amount of players? Phone Post 3.0

Issac Graham - I might have to check this out. Is there a cap on the amount of players? Phone Post 3.0

With the way the game is played, not really...

Just adjust if you add TOO many people, make the game harder on purpose.

Looks like there's lots of expansions with more characters and whatnot.

The one I have had 12 characters with it. So I imagine if you want, you can play with 12 people. Phone Post 3.0