Pick'em League - Week 17 Results

Here are the final weekly and cumulative results of the NFL 2012 season.

It was a tight race right down to the end with the top four players all fell within five picks of one another.

Nobody this week was the lone player to pick a game correctly, so instead props this week goes out to Caleb. Caleb (please correct me if I'm wrong), Caleb had the most correct picks last season, and this season ends with him in second place with only a two pick difference between him and first place. Props has to be given to someone repeating like that. Way to go man, that's seriously impressive.

And now onto the results...

Weekly Results:
saucylv33: 14
Caleb: 12
MentalRage: 12
sicko: 12
Khun Kao: 1 (but 100% of his picks were correct)

Cumulative Results and Final Standings:
Results are in the format of Name: #_of_Wins (%_Picked_Correct), and are ordered based on number of games picked right.

sicko: 173, (67.58%)
Caleb: 171, (67.06%)
MentalRage: 169, (66.27%)
saucylv33: 168, (65.63%)
Khun Kao: 146, (60.83%)
Tommy Gunnz: 126, (61.46%)
east: 123, (64.74%)
Mr B Rock: 101, (68.24%)
Thage: 34, (61.82%)
Agent_Doakes_Aint_no_Jokes: 16, (50%)
Joe VIP: 16, (50%)
Pretjah: 11, (68.75%)
Granpa: 9, (56.25%)
UGCTT_mofit: 9, (56.25%)
alxholic: 8, (50%)

Thanks to everyone who participated in the OG Pick'em league this season, it was a great season and a lot of fun as always.

All, please let me know if you'd be interested in doing something similar to this weekly pick'em for the playoffs. I'm thinking something similar (pick the games each week, straight-up/no-spread, with the results posted only once after the Super Bowl). Let me know if you're interested in doing something like that, or if you have ideas for a better way of doing it

Yay, I won a week.

For shits & giggles, should we do "pick em" for the Playoffs, too?

Great job Sicko and congrats on winning this year! It was fun playing and I look forward to it next year! 

Thanks Sicko for taking the time to keep track of all our picks. This is always fun!