Pick'em League - Week 3 Results

Here are the results for the OG Pick'em League through Week 3 of the NFL season.

It was a brutal week with most people getting 7 or 8 picks correct. Props this week have to go out to east and Alco Hauler. Not only are they the only two players to get more than 8 picks correct (East had 10, and Alco Hauler had 9), but east was the only person to pick the HOU/BAL game correct, and Alco Hauler was the only one to pick the ATL/MIA game correct. Props to both of you for having a good week and getting the upsets right.

Week 3 Results:
east: 10
Alco Hauler: 9
Khun Kao: 8
saucylv33: 8
Caleb: 7
MentalRage: 7
Mr B Rock: 7
sicko: 7

Cumulative Results through Week 3:
Results are in the format of UserName: Correct_Picks/Total_Picks (Percentage Correct)

Caleb: 31/47, (65.96%)
saucylv33: 30/48, (62.5%)
sicko: 29/48, (60.42%)
Alco Hauler: 29/47, (61.70%)
Mr B Rock: 29/46, (63.04%)
Khun Kao: 28/48, (58.33%)
MentalRage: 28/48, (58.33%)
Tommy Gunnz: 21/48, (43.75%)
DaddyRich: 10/16, (62.5%)
east: 10/15, (66.67%)

Quick Note: I never know what format people want the cumulative results in. If you have any suggestions, please let me know and I'll do what I can to accommodate