Picking my wild berries!

So I just decided to lay out a sheet of plastic and climb the tree and shake the branches to make the berries drop. The plastic was wrapped around my new bed I got lol.

Then wash them, ziplock them, and have ready for smoothies!

So far, so good!

I was out there for about 5 min. Got a bread sack worth. Came in and washed them. Now freezing, going to make breakfast smoothie tomorrow!

Skim milk, ice cubes, and berries. In the blender!

I didn’t know they had those in Texas!

You would have known if you took the citizenship test instead of just sneaking in!

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This sounds like a metaphor for op and his undescended testicles

Listen slim, I’ve never even seen you around here. Now you suddenly pop up, busting my balls and having a cat that looks exactly like mine in your profile pic. Who are you!? What’s your main SN?!

What kind of berries are those?

My guess is dingleberries, but I’m no expert.

Thems mulberries sir.

Haha! Speaking of dingle berries, you know this slim fella?!

After years of lurking I decided to join the new forum once it was up and running. Turns out I’ve had an account since 2008.

Well I like the cut of your jib Slim. So you just go be a jerk to someone else because it ain’t gonna work on me.

I will pin you down and FORCE my friendship onto you if that’s the way it’s gotta be!

Not to hijack the thread KJ, but did you post more pics of your woman lounging seductively on your new bed?

fat GIF

Here she is on my new chair @Jed… I’m pissed!

WTF is wrong with your thumb?


Well I mangled it when I cut off my finger. I have nerve damage in that hand. Otherwise, nothing.

Why you got something to say wimp?!

you pretending not to revel in ANY attention you get is almost as disingenuous as vp Harris and her claim that America will turn back refugees at the southern border. Almost.


Your thumb looks at f@cked up.

Lmao. Oh I didn’t realize you were a politically obsessed fag. Even in a thread about me picking berries from my property you’re thinking about your vice president.

We’re done here. Quit speaking to me. Have a nice night “new” poster.


It is fucked up. So that would explain why it looks fucked up.

What’s your point here pal? You and me got a problem?!