Picking my wild berries!

I could have used any number of analogies i just chose that one because it was top of mind from a previous thread I posted in.

You’re homeslice right? No need to worry about me too much longer I’m sure I’ll grow tired of your shtick soon enough.

Oh we got a problem alright…

Lmao what a faggot. Yay just what the forum needed, another bitch ass to come here and cry like a little sissy because my words bother them.

Never even spoke to me before and suddenly pops up in multiple threads shit talking me.

I’m done with all that, so I’m just going to put you on ignore now.

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Just keep on shaking your “branch” and waiting for those “berries” to drop. Not to sound cliche but that was about as limp wristed a response as I’ve seen around here in quite some time.

geez I didn’t realize how easily triggered he is

What is your beef slim? Why are you hijacking this thread to talk about the VP?

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Lucky bastard

Homeslice pretending to be upset about ANY attention he gets is almost as disingenuous as floppy saying he’s seeking a thin, athletic little spinner type for a weekend romp. Is that better?

Good berries