Picking new console today. Get ps4 or Xbox?

I'm dropping the coin on one today. Still struggling with the anxiety of which! Have we reached any kind of verdict on which one is the better choice yet dudes? Phone Post 3.0

there shouldn't be any anxiety involved....

Maybe you should use google, look up what games are out, coming out, which one sounds better to you.

Instead of listening to people try and promote one to you.

I was sitting happy with the idea of the ps4 until I got the dollars to execute then I started wondering if I'm missing a key idea that may solidify my final decision Phone Post 3.0

Whichever one you buy people are going to say you should have gotten the other one.

I can't make up my mind either, since both consoles are hugely premature and launched with a pretty horrible set of games. Dead Rising 3 is the only thing i'm remotely interested in right now, so I'm happy playing the waiting game and catching up with some last gen games i missed.

My 2 cents....

To this point, sounds like both are a bit underwhelming. For now.

I'd sit on your money. Play last gen stuff. Way cheaper, looks very similar. I have xbox one, have played a bit of ps4, not impressed w either system. After some time, both will get much better.

Look up an xbox/ps3 best games list. Play all of them first. Then it will be time for new system. Phone Post 3.0

you might not have a choice still. the ps4 still very hard to come by.  if you must get it today you might not be able to find a ps4 . if you are lucky enough to find  both, the choice really comes down to your view of kinect. is that something you really want and is it something your willing to pay more . you could get the camera for the ps4 also and get some of the features but it isn't as good as the kinect


The only answer is......Dreamcast Phone Post 3.0

Sagiv Lapkin -

I have both and I like both. There's no wrong answer unless you really have your heart set on an exclusive game (Like Halo for example) that will absolutely not come to the other console.

This man...If you're a REAL gamer there is plenty to play on both. Phone Post 3.0

disbeliever - Neither has any games out really. I can't justify spending 400-500$ for a handful of games. I am waiting a bit myself.
Nonsense there's plenty of games.. If you have the money might as well buy it now Phone Post 3.0

I am waiting until ps4 releases a killer app to scoop it up.Cod ghosts and BF4 are not system sellers

I'm waiting until Microsoft comes out with an "updated" version the the Xbox One, be it smaller, bigger HD, different color, no kinect or price drop. The second version usuay has most of the kinks sorted out. Phone Post 3.0

AdmiralCackbar -
disbeliever - Neither has any games out really. I can't justify spending 400-500$ for a handful of games. I am waiting a bit myself.

The games are going to start piling up in the next few months.

Watch Dogs
Titan Fall
Elder Scrolls Online

To name a few
Yes they are sir Phone Post 3.0

i am curious to see what naughty dog and Team ICO do for the ps4

BurnMyEyes - i am curious to see what naughty dog and Team ICO do for the ps4
Yea man I was gonna wait too but then I said fuck it....I'm not going to wait for a price cut I might as well buy it now and get it out the way. I've been having more fun on my ps4 than I thought I would. Phone Post 3.0

Is it just for gaming or do you use it for other aspects such as apps and media?

If first is still up for debate as there isnt a big difference in games right now

If second then the One. The xbox guide adapting to your favourite games and channels and everything is awesome Phone Post 3.0

I have my media center pretty rocking I don't need the Xbox to bring it all together for me. Says they have ps4 in stock at best buy in McKinney. And I'll pre order elder scrolls while I'm out Phone Post 3.0

myee8 -
Tebow For President - Infamous second son and Titanfall are both coming out next month. Which one are you more interested in?

Are you a casual gamer that just enjoys CoD, BF4, and Sports game?

Yup, go with console exclusive games and get the one for the game/s on that.

Other than that, i am frustrated as to how slow it has been so far for game releases, and would hope that they would release current 360/ps3 games onto the new consoles - eg gta5... Phone Post 3.0
It hasn't been that slow not too different then the last launch....and why would anyone rebuy GTA 5 Phone Post 3.0

Why not read the other 5,000 threads on this or look at the infinite info on the interweb?

Or just pick one and buy it.

For the record I have ps4 but haven't turned it on in over a month. Need to get on that... Phone Post 3.0