Pickled Eggs

So this spring I made some pickled eggs.

I used smaller laying hen eggs because I think that if you are going to eat a pickled egg then it should be something you can eat in a bite. Some people like a big egg so they can hold it and bite it a few times but not me.


I found a big glass jar that they used to sell mayo in from Costco. I purchsed the brine juice as is from a store and then proceeded to boil the eggs, peel them, and put them in the jar.

Just as I was about to seal them I had this funny idea.

I went and bought 5 or so of the little containers of blue food dye. Then I poured them into the pickling juice with the eggs.

It was so dark you couldn't even see the eggs in the solution.

not my thing but enjoy!

So I opened the jar this fall.

The eggs were a deep blue and the pickling juice had faded into a light blue.

I took one bite of the first egg and the taste was delicious!

The eggs had been left long enough to pickle perfectly.

SopranosQuoteGuy - 

not my thing but enjoy!

I have been!

The blue food dye had been soaked in so that the white part of the egg was now deep blue and the yellow yolk was green.

But there was another surprise.

If you eat one egg. Just ONE egg, you will poop out anything you eat the next day neon green.

It's hilarious!

I will be sharing my blue pickled eggs at thanksgiving next weekend.

All I can think of is that people will be pooping neon green for days after thanksgiving dinner.


There's a small village (or maybe hamlet) that's in the area where I'm from.

My farm is about 20 km north of this village (or maybe hamlet).

There's a bar in the town.

The bar severs pickled turkey gizzards from a big jar with brown liquid in it.

King Trav - There's a bar in the town.

...go on...


The village (or maybe hamlet) is called Chelan.

Jumpman23 - 

In. Love pickled eggs. Where did you buy the brine and what brand?  I have always made my own and it is hit or miss. 


I would like to skip that process and just use a brine that is already made so I can't go wrong. 


And thanks for the tip, I am going to use the blue dye as well. I don't know why but just knowing everyone will be pooping out neon green for a few days makes me smile. 


Have a great day and an invisible VU!

I got the pre-made brine from a beer and wine supply store.

It's one of those mom-and-pop places and not a chain. So its their own brand. Totally worth it too because I have no clue how to make a decent brine and it make a huge difference to the taste of the egg.

One thing to notice is that as the eggs absorb the colour the brine clears. At first it was immposible to see through but now when I opened it the brine is like tinted blue water you can see through.

The eggs took all that blue colouring in.

Like I said, next weekend for Thanksgiving I will put these out with turkey etc and be giggling.

I might try to make blue pickled eggs, or another colour, next spring but add a different flavour to it.

Maybe yellow and add jalapeno flavour?

How bad are your farts?  Asking for a friend.

We never found Saddam Hussein's stockpiles of pickled eggs! They could be in Iran or North Korea by now!