Picks for the Trials?

Who's gonna come out on top?

I think because of 74kg not being qualified, it's going to create a logjam for some at either 84kg or at 66kg. I wonder if there will be a surprise winner at 74kg because not many guys who see this as their last shot at making the team are going to hang around and win a weight that won't be competing in Athens.

I don't think Hall at 55kg will make a big difference, Durlacher and Paulson are the top 2, I could see Hall maybe beating Durlacher, but it's between Paulson and Durlacher.

Gruenwald barring some disaster has 60kg wrapped up. He'll medal in Athens. Nieradka is tough, but Gruenwald has his number and won't have to come through the mini tournament either.

66kg, Sahin and Bracken are gonna battle, but I heard Heath Sims who made the 2000 team may be moving down since 74kg wasn't qualified. Whoever makes it out has a solid medal shot.

74kg- N/A

84kg- Vering looks dominant, but there's a TON of guys especially with no 74kg option that makes this weight a lot tougher. I say Bosch comes away with it, but after some close calls with Sieracki and Clark.

96kg- Lowney rebounds after a loss to Ruiz. Ruiz did good, but Lowney has more impressive credentials, especially after medaling in Sydney.

120kg- Rulon vs Byers again. Nobody but one of them beats the other. Farkas is in the mix, but Rulon should beat him. I say Rulon after Byers gets cold feet of not wrestling until the final series.