pickups debate

Hi Folks,

There is an interesting discussion going on over at www.judoinfo.com/discuss

in the 'general discussion' forum. Rhadi and other Judoka are discussing whether pickups are 'good' judo or not, or if they are even judo. I've found it pretty interesting.

Thought some of you might be interested.


cool. didnt even realize they had a forum over there.

in that forum people can post w/o leaving their names...i vote to have the discussion right here...

i'm for them. i started studying judo within the last two years after watching the bjj explosion in the early to mid-ninties...i had no prior ma background (unless you include wrestling with your brothers)...so basically i'm for "if it works, use it"...if you can wrestle well and have an intimate knowledge of the rules of judo, and respect them, then i say go for it...i'm for what works (including "bjj" in newaza)...just my one penny...peace...jt

awesome. lets do this! where is resnick when you need him. pickups kick ass. basically what i would consider "pickups" for judo would be the likes of te guruma, uranage and the variations thereof, as well as the kata guruma and the sacrafice techniques like that that they are really more picksups to me than sacrafice (excluding sumi gaishi and tomoe nage and shiznit like that). you'd be amazed and surprised these really really good european guys that do pickups, or anyone who's very proficient at them for that matter, how much technique they use to enter the throw. they move into it and you dont even feel it. i think people have a misconception and think that they need to be big and powerful and just go for it and try to lift the guy thats standing right there waiting for it. we all know that shit dont work, becasue the basic fundamentals of judo tell us that in order to throw your opponent you must first off balance him. with this analogy we see that pickups ARE in fact judo, becasue you cant do them without using some very very basic rules of the sport. my cent added to swainfan's cent makes two! take that all you non-believers.


what's the link to the thread directly? i can't find it.