I have been out of judo for 4 months with shoulder and knee problems but have been working on my strength and kata-guruma entries in the mean time.

Tuesday was my first tachiwaza randori since my injuries occured but I didnt do to bad ;) Pulled off my first kata-guruma - standing! Plus did a uranage with a te-guruma grip. I have been doing te-guruma for a while now as a counter but have encountered problems freeing their leg at times. Finishing the throw with a uranage sacrifice seemed to work well and feels great! Holding someone heavy than you in the air for a few seconds before sending them crashing to the mat, I missed it!

Anyhew, any tips on kataguruma. I am thinking of making it my big forward throw. My main throw is a hooking osoto that i like to do when far leg back. I'm a lefty. I want to do the throw standing - rather than dropping to my knees as I have enough knee problems to heal at them moment. So I hope you can help me with smoe good combos or entries ;)

try an outside/near leg KG.. you get to remail left handed the entire time.

Welcome back!

Hey Josh,

Is that the Dimelo your talking about?

By the way Josh, how much can you lift in the clean and press move?

Joshua, i was watching some of the clips of your "dimelo" - looks like an amazing move. Do you fight from a double lapel grip? I actually quite like this grip and it looks like you are fighting from something near this. With your dimelo, where do you aim to put your head? I think I will have a play with trying a outside/near leg KG. Thanks

Any chance you want to put out a little article or something on that throw ;) Bet there'd defiently be people from this board that would like to see it.

NYC... not nearly as much as youd think i do.. not even close. squat quite a bit and can DL a good amount too, but clean n jerk isnt much due to injuries. and, its similar to the dimelo, but it doesnt have to be done that way.. you can do it just like a normal KG as well.

rodgie.. idunno about putting out an article or something. it isnt as if the technique is a world beater unless the fella doing it is. dont get me wrong, carlos mendez had great success with it, far more than i did, and so have a few others who did something similar over the years..

yea, i do fight from a double lapel grip quite often, id rather do that than get into the R vs L "give me your sleeve" garbage. so, when that starts, i just grab the lapel instead. i put my head in the exact same place you would for a normal KG..

Thats cool. Thanks for the info.

Went to judo again and was getting well for kata-guruma but people kept dropping to a knee or sprawling. With the knee I just kinda ran them down or twisted them over their knee. Any help with the sprawl?

I also tried the "dimelo" and actually managed to pick up a couple people (all bigger than me too, think they are slower) but they werent across my shoulders and i only got them a few inches off the floor. Is there a good way to get a throw from this position?

if you can lift them even a little bit.. switch to morote gari in mid air. in other words, use it to get in, but them change throws.

Any pickup instructionals out on vid/dvd??
I have Van De Walle's book but anything else out there??
I have always liked how spectacular pick-ups look but usually only witness oohs and ahhs and thumping bodies as they hit the mat!!!
I really shouldn't blink!!

I have another question i hope you can help with ;) How do you finish kataguruma with an outside leg? I have been finishing normal kata-guruma a bit like seio-nage but I am not sure this is gonna cut it at competition with people spinning/kart wheeling etc out.

With outside leg-dimelo kata-guruma how do you finish it? When I get the pickup, uke doesnt seem to be as far across my shoulders as a normal kataguruma. The switch to morote-gari works great though!

1st. finishing like seionage wouldn't by chance mean you are bringing uke over your head in a stright-down fashion. would it? if so.. stop now. it could be called HSK for head diving.

instead.. once he is loaded across your shoulders... do a side-bend of sorts to his head (almost like a kartwheel from your knees)and unload him over his own head.. that is not going to be called HSK ever and youll be happier for it. uke MIGHT try a hand-stand out of it. if so, stand up (with the leg that isnt under his upper body first) under him and continue the driving direction over his head.

i THINK one of the problems people have with doing anything near/outside leg-wise could be grabbing the leg before locking into uke with your upper body. the catching of the near leg cannot preceed the locking of the upper body. if it does, uke will push away and you wont get close enough. instead, try to lock into the upper-body portion first and then allow your arm to trap his leg.