Pics from the weekend, another big win!!

Had a lad out on Friday night on a Coldwell promotions show in Manchester, Joe Murray, Robbie Davis Jr and Tyrone Nurse also on the card amongst others.

We did our best to steal the show again with another big KO for Kerry Evans taking him to 3-0(3) .

Got some pics from various sources, best feeling in the world!! Phone Post 3.0

Article in local paper before the fight about a tribute we did for one of our boxers that died in a river. Phone Post 3.0

Morning of the fight, Kerry sorting out his ticket money.

I go round to his first going in the morning to check his weight and sort out his food for the day. Phone Post 3.0

Me in the corner with Pete Buckley.

Some of you will remember the guy on the ring apron, it's Scott Lawton, former European title challenger and English champ. He manages 3 of our pros, top man he is. Phone Post 3.0

Fincer getting counted. He was dropped twice in the 2nd before being KOd. Phone Post 3.0

Happy team in the ring after the fight. Phone Post 3.0

Impressive Phone Post 3.0




Me and Kerry in the back, it was fucking freezing in the Bowlers area, as usual.

The all important in-ring team fist pose Phone Post 3.0

Cheers for posting pics. Phone Post 3.0



No sweat. Thanks for sharing