Pics from Vut's 1/30/04 Show

The show was great, several good fights and another major KO via kick to the head. There is video of some of the fights on Vut's site, I'll post the KO in another thread.Bryce Krause defeated Fabian Suniga in 2 rounds in a fuckin slugfest. I thought Bryce was gone but amazingly he came back to KO Fabian.

Kevin Ekyothin defeated George Basmajyan via TKO round 2.
Albert Silva defeated Jason Rzepka via Unanimous decision.
Toby Grear defeated Cub Swanson via KO round 2
Bernard Sfeir defeated David Roberts via TKo round 3.
Stepan Zeytunyan defeated Gary Webber via Unanimous decision.Johnny De La Cruz defeated Beto Ibarra via Split decision.Gil Carmona defeated Ricardo Carillo via Unanimous decision.

Cool pics!

WTF is that guy in the air doing?

Are those from Hollywood Park? My wife and went to a show last year just before we moved. Danny Steele showed up alongside Bas Rutten. Vut puts out some good fight cards. I think there were two KO's the night we went.

I like Vut's amateur fights better than I like's pro-fighta.

Although I go to both.