pics of Chuck & Tito w/ murder victim


 And the lead suspect is a contest from Megan Wants a Millionaire?  WTF?

What happened to her? 

She looks like she's made of plastic.

Mad Xyientist -  And the lead suspect is a contest from Megan Wants a Millionaire?  WTF?


Her body was found in stuffed naked in a suitcase inside a dumpster. This happened in Buena Park which is North OC for non-socal folks. I live literally 3 minutes from where this occurred and it's pretty insane.

The suspect is Canadian and it's believed that he fleed back to his country after filing a missing person's report. She was last seen at a Poker game the night before her body was found.


BUENA PARK, Calif. (Aug. 28) -- A body that was found stuffed in a suitcase and thrown in an Orange County trash bin has been identified as that of a 28-year-old former swimsuit model who disappeared over the weekend.

Police said Tuesday that Jasmine Fiore had been strangled.

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Jasmine Fiore at party in Las Vegas in October 2006.
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Jasmine Fiore, here in 2006, was reported missing Saturday night. Los Angeles police realized Monday night that her description matched a body that had been found in a trash bin Saturday morning.

Lt. Gary Worrall says police want to speak with Ryan Alexander Jenkins, of Alberta, Canada, who reported her missing Saturday night after he reportedly took her to a poker party in San Diego.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Jenkins was a contestant on the current VH1 reality show 'Megan Wants a Millionaire,' in which a woman tries to land a wealthy husband.

Fiore's mother, Lisa Lapore, told the Times that Jenkins and her daughter had been dating. Police said they were investigating suggestions that the two had married in Las Vegas.

Los Angeles police investigators realized Monday evening that the description of the body found Saturday morning in Buena Park matched the description of Fiore given by her mother.

Fiore had recently moved to Los Angeles from Las Vegas and had appeared in an ad for Howard Stern's radio show.

Crazy shit.


That must have been a big suitcase.

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this whole thread makes 0 sense to me

 she kinda looks alien

and he looks like an alien murderer







And that dude looks like Seth Petruzelli