Pics of Cote the next day??

Any pics of Cote on Saturday? I am curious as to how he looked or felt. I am not sure I was all that impressed with Tito this go around but I may feel different if Cote looks like hell....

Here's a link for a post-fight interview with Cote. It's not the next day, but it is after the fight, so it might give you some kind of idea what he'd look like the next day.

I spoke to him earlier today, and he seemed to be doing just fine though. He's definately one tough kid, that's for sure! I don't think anyone can doubt his heart, and hopefully in his next fight he'll be able to show more of his skills.

I'm not saying he doesn't have heart (don't know), but how the hell did he show it against Tito?

He took a lot of punishment in every single round, and he never gave up. It probably never even crossed his mind as an option. And even in the last round, he came out at the bell ready and willing to go toe to toe with Ortiz, after all the punishment he'd already been dealt. He never backed down from him when he was standing up, and when he was on the ground, he was trying different things to try to make something work (trying some submissions, and throwing strikes from the bottom). I just think that it was this kid's first UFC fight against a very well known, high profile fighter, and I think he handled himself very well, especially on 1 week's notice.

IF I HAD TAKEN THAt many shots i'd look like a lawnmower ate my face. he looked like he'd been hit with a pancake

What punishment? Tito landed maybe two good shots the whole fight!

I talked to him after the show and i didnt think it was him because he really wasnt that banged up

"he looked like he'd been hit with a pancake"

lol, that is good.