Pics of Kingsbury & His Rainbow Sequined FannyPack

Oh yeah, and the TUF Finale Season 13 Weigh In Pics too!

I have to admit that Kyle Kingsbury stole the show with the rainbow sequined fanny pack..

Who are your picks?

Ramsey or Tony?
Clay or Anthony?
Eddie or Timmy?

Click the link or photo below to view the pics!!

Damn clay looks jacked Phone Post

ttt for Tracy.. Good pics... Can't wait for Pettis / Guida Phone Post

Kingsbury should dress like HBK, he looks like him

No picks???

Who are your picks?



i think bas rutten's gay self in a parralel universe somehow managed to excape into ours

Scott Rotem - Did Kingsbu walk by and grab Burts dick?! LOL Phone Post

i believe he did.. ;p;