pics of my second fight

Kinda sucky pics of a 20 min fight. No shots of groundwork, no shots of us going through the ropes 3 times, no shots of head kicks, my 15 or so punches landing?....the photographer is gonna get some deliverence style punishment from the lemon.Photoshop away biznitches.Avoiding a kickOne landing :)The big overhand (not the one that dropped him, that one landed chad style over the jab)Overhere i ended up on my back when i boxing blasted him into the corner and midstep we bounced off and i fell to seated guard. Landed some footstomps and even a head kick from here but i did eat some kicks to my leg which i felt the next day hahaWent ankle pick with the lead foot into a double here, looks kinda lousy, will try post vid clip, the pics are kinda shitty.What u say bout the camera adding ten pounds!?

does anyone think i look like the guy who hosts "quan" in total recall? especially when he is comming out of his belly

Friggin' cool pics Lemon!

Please stop fretting about whether or not you look "chunky" in the pics. You sound like my wife.


But seriously, cool pics. And congrats on the win!

Awesome pics, Liam!

And thanks for sparing us the sight of you in Speedos.


Cool pics. Congrats on the win!


Great Job Liam, congrats!

-Matt Thornton

now where is my photoshop biznitches

Yes i do sound like my girlfriend to on that note haha

thanx guys

in better pics, with that face its hard to photoshop anything remotely funny!

better headshot will do!

what happened to all the hair? We had all had alot of fun witht he pics of your last fight! this sucks.

BTW- good job! 2-0 now? You'll be ready to fight V. silva in no time!

Congrats bro...awesome overhand pic!

i got one of the one landing, will host, fernando man i got some funny headshots, will put them up in the morning, dont let me down

Slip n hit

With my coachesChipping awayThe finisherSome shots that shouldnt be released :)Me getting booted in the faceouch

I must say the photographer is good some beautiful shots. The last one is a split second before my head is on his foot.



first of all congradulations on your win. YOu look like you came along way since I last saw you. What have you been doing for your lungs? I am glad my little trick helped you. Are you gonna be in Thailand with Matt and everyone in June? What are your plans?

bro i'm going down in febuary but i am gonna make sure to be there in june, i wanna try make it to america sometime this year for a bit, being a student sucks money wise but i'm working on it.

What bout u man?

For my lungs, HIIT and stair runs. Also alot of skipping to lose weight, think that helped my cardio to. Did the 20/10's help u man?

Two trips to Thailand?????????? Damn

How long do you plan on staying?

and what is HIIT?

the ticket in feb only cost me 400 US dollars and u know how cheap it is staying there. Heading over with my brother and my girl is meeting us there later (oh the fun of it ) Be there for a month. Midyear might head over to Israel and stop in thailand first for the retreat depending on my monetary situation. Being a student has its perks though, the excuse that u dont need to save money being one of them haha

Hiit is on matt's site, its written by Liam Bauer and its awesome man. Sure it'd be similar to what Luiz put u through before your fight? Its more of a long term maintenence cardio program, short and sweet.

Did alot of rounds vale tudo sparring to, someone had to pay haha.

WHen u fighting next champ?