pics of my second fight

congrats bro

Way to go LEMon!

The Champ is out setting life straight and working alot with not much training involved. Just saving money for a summer of Portland/ Thailand, then moving next to Luis and train more.

What's up with you going through I.C.C. in either Portland or Florida???????

Your hand is raised, but his trophy is bigger. WTF?


Oh, btw, congrats.


"Your hand is raised, but his trophy is bigger."

Where I come from thems fighten words! ;)

LEMON the hair man! Where's the hair? That was a fro to sport with pride!

I got a mohawk now bro! the fro was a result of a guillotine attempt but i'm thinking a Ben harper style one for my next fight.

CHamp, i am dying to do the ICC program but being a student is a dynamic lifestyle unfortunately so its hard to pin down enough time to make it a good run in america. THailand is easy coz its so damn cheap (like 2 to three weeks part time wages...) can go on a wim. Gotta get over there though so frustratinggg

Its not the size of the wave but the motion of the ocean bro :)