Pics to troll conservative/TrumpTards on Facebook?

Trump supporters are the dumbest people alive. Everything they say is a childish narrative they heard from other idiots.

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“Colan cancer”?

If these are your takes, it’s clear why these memes are not funny and why this thread is for midwits hugging each other for emotional support, pretending to say funny things about the last loser president.

She’s a product of public education so…

Classic example. You can slash half the words lol! Are you incapable of humour?

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Impeach Donald Trump GIF by Creative Courage

Great comeback.

It was fun analyzing your dream journal, idiot. It’s hilarious to see the dumb shit you guys seriously believe. “He was soooo close…” LOL.

Here’s a photo of your messiah to comfort you in this dark hour.


lol as if he was my messiah
It’s actually somewhat entertaining listening to your lunatic projections

Oh man, Trump was SO CLOSE to being the best president ever… LOL. Fucking incredible.

BTW, was this you?

lol look at you, I never said he came close to being a great president, moron. I said he was close to making some good, paradigm-shifting policy. But in the end it was either all talk (substantially changing immigration laws) or his “advisors and friends” would enrich themselves (the wall).
There WAS objectively some sort of debate about many important topics like these and he COULD have done what he once promised. In some cases, courts had to haggle for over a year over stupid details- then nothing happened.
Idiocy = when people set out to explain carefully how something is not black or white and an idiot still insists on his dual worldview.

Nice big goalpost shifting there. Every take you had on Trump was a lie you heard from your conservative echo chamber, and you tried to sell it here like it could pass the smell test. It didn’t. It stinks like shit. He didn’t enrich himself like Obama and Clinton? You fucking rube.

You have no credibility, and this thread obviously triggers the shit out of you.

Still doesn’t understand the concept of this thread: To troll conservatives/Trumptards. And you prove over and over that it works.

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Zero triggers here, smallbrain, I hate conservatives.
If you display just a tiny bit less simian time preference, you will be able to discover that the Clintons almost became billionaires while the Trumps will not be able to substantially cash in. Show me in four years how their clan got relatively richer by using the Clintons as a yardstick, and I will abandon the forum. Will you do the opposite?