Pics to troll conservative/TrumpTards on Facebook?

Nah I’ll stick to the thread title and come here for a good laugh at a trumptards expense. Keep it up

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Ha ha, yesh…

Since Cool-Arrow invited me to keep posting here:

This is why normal people and sexually abused students hate your retarded, teacher’s union-enslaved, pedo president:

Go for it. Living proof that the thread works like a retard trap


Thanks, buddy! Don’t mind if I do!

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Hey! I don’t have any of those things. The closest I have is the double barrel but mines a side by side.

Also what does that have to do with upsetting trump fans and conservatives? I don’t understand that one.

*turn him in to

I guess either one works, though

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You can’t make me stop loving you.

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We need more of these folks

Gotta admit this cringe broadcast is worthy of this thread


The Best People, part 496



Happy Thanksgiving, you bunch of moral degenerates and intellectual pygmies.

Wow, great job Candace.

But I guess a lot of actors/models from central casting would know how to read dialog someone else prepared for them and easily fool dimwit Republitards in the process… so I’ll give it 2 stars.

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Most hated acting role since Joffrey Lannister


Yeah, this is the new American youth mindset.

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