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How long is the article? I can only read a part of it since you have to subscribe to read past the first few paragraphs.


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I made a thread about that civil war gold called “Conspiracy Theories you can actually believe”. It’s a crazy story. After a treasure hunting company found evidence of where the gold could be buried they were denied an excavation permit then the FBI shows up and serves the state’s Department of Wild Life and Conservation with a signed search warrant. It’s a crazy story all around.


Hope it gets bumped, I’d love to check it out. Sounds wild.

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I would straight up kill myself if I had 4 kids

Much thanks… The trippiest part to me is they brought in ground penetrating radar and 4 armor cars, but still claim nothing was found. Even after a state judge ordered the FBI to honor an FoIA request confirming in emails they were searching for the Gold they still won’t say anything besides it was “An excavation of a possible heritage site”. Sense when did the FBI get into the business of heritage sites?

A local historian that is considered the expert on the story of the stolen gold believes the motivation is that the entire haul wasn’t buried in a single location and the FBI is trying to prevent a treasure hunt frenzy. Federal hearings are on going for release of all the paperwork pertaining to the case.

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Really? For me, it became easier with each one.

Well, it would still be government property, right?



Hell, I’m an underachiever in my family - my oldest sister has six :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, her kids are a colonel in the AF, a teacher with a master’s degree, a petroleum engineer with a master’s, an architect, a doctor, and one still in college, going down the line from oldest to youngest.

Mine are younger (14,12, 9, and 7), so we’ll see how they turn out :wink:

And yeah, you make a lot of mistakes on the first one, it involved a lot of on-the-job training, but in a lot of ways it does get easier.

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Any sage pieces of advice? We won’t be able to have anymore, so we gotta get it right the first time.

Start putting away money for their education, but don’t tell them.

Don’t waste your money on a Diaper Genie, you’ll use it once then get tired of reloading the baggie system.

Know where the nearest emergency care clinic is, much cheaper than the emergency room.

Have tons of reading material around for kids to read - books, comics, whatever.

it’s a lot more fun being a dad than people think. You can watch a lot of cartoons and not feel like a dork

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Agree with everything but the diaper genie. Spend the money. Get the fanciest, latest, greatest model that is available.

Yeah we have one. It’s been great.


The diaper genie was worth it for multiple shitting machines, if it’s one and you have a garage you can figure something out if you want. As long as you open the garage door regularly lol

My advice is about those cute little baby shower burp cloths the wife’s friends think is so adorable, don’t fucking bother. Get some real fucking towels, like a cheap set of bath towels from wally world or cycle down your older ones for wotk in the trenches. I had at least 20 I think. Get a bunch and stage them wherever you’ll be, the recliner the kitchen table, changing station etc. Whenever I’d sit down I would always have at least one within immediate reach and saved much upholstery that way. Those burp cloths won’t help at all when the kid is shitting so hard it shoots up the back of his onesie