I don't know about you, but UFC 132 weekend was great!!! here's my fight photos as seen on Yahoo! Sports.. I will be posting more pics from the weekend in this thread as well...

please feel free to TTT at will!! :)

 great pics tracy, love this one

You on that strikeforce time?

I'm seeing Strikeforce pictures, not UFC 132.

Lime green is my new favorite color =)

Thanks Tracy

i'm confused, I see UFC 132 pics in that slideshow...

 I see 132 too

nope i still see chad griggs chops

Love this one from Njoukoani vs. Winner:


This is a screen shot of what I see.

If I click on the gray box with the :-| face and "UFC 132 from chitownchick79 on flicker", then a new tab opens with pics from UFC 132.

However, if I click on the > "Start button" then it starts a slideshow of the Strikeforce event within the same window.

weird.. this is ss of what i see.. and why I made the comment about my new fav color being lime green lol

 amazing work as usual, that Cruz pic is awesome

thanks you guys... I am not sure what to say about the strikeforce pics coming up..

here's more pics:

After weigh ins we headed over to the Form Athletics signing that was being held by LX Fight Shop inside the Luxor. We arrived when the signing was just ending and the crowd was insane. It was a huge caravan of us that moved through the casino to the FORM private suite party. After celebrating Mark Miller's birthday, the group minus Urijah Faber headed up to MIX Lounge at the top of Mandalay Bay to party and finish off the night!!

Click the link or photo below to view the pics!

you live in Chi-town, Tracy..?

Great pics, Tracy :)


 Thanks Tracy!  Great pics as always!!!

fiercedragon - 

you live in Chi-town, Tracy..?

No, In vegas...

Thank you everyone for the compliments.. :)

Tracy, as a fellow mixed martial arts photographer (albeit an ammy), you're going to have to tell me which lenses you use!?

Great snaps.