Pics/Vids of Amateur MMA event?

I wasn't able to make it to the Arnolds, but I hear this was one of the highlights of the event - well run, good rules, etc.

Anybody get any pictures or video of the competition?

Someone from NY taped one of my matches and probally more and my girlfriend took some pictures. I'll see if I can get some up when we get them developed.

USA Mixed Martial Arts' web site should be up within the next few months. We will be showcasin amateur events from all over the country supporting pics and vids.

I'll make a thread as soon as it's operational.

I think you are talking about Sambo Steve on teh Judo/Sambo part of this forum... he taped a lot of the matches this weekend...

I don't think it was steve. It was two guys named john and john and joey.

"It was two guys named john and john and joey"

That's three guys using the math they teach here on the west coast.

lol, oops typo. I must have taken too many head shots this weekend.

I finally got my film developed and got them up on a very crudely made website to pass them around. We didn't get really anything but pics of me and my last two fights(My friend's camera's batteries ran out right as the first match started so my girlfriend went and bought a disposable for the 2nd). Here's the address if you guys want to check them out:

hey if anyone has any tapes of the event I am looking to get mine...I fought at the 185 advanced...