Picture in your head someone yawning

Did you just yawn?

Usual when you see someone Yawn, sometime you do it too Phone Post 3.0

TryhardNobody - i yawned reading the god dam thread title
Yes!!!! Phone Post 3.0

Jedi mind tricks! Phone Post 3.0

I yawned. I was thinking yesterday. I was watching that Syfy show Defiance (not bad). If aliens saw us yawning would probably really creep them out. Phone Post 3.0

Google image search for people yawning.


Result: Invisible blowjobs.

I yawned Phone Post 3.0

Boofhead3 - I yawned Phone Post 3.0
Yes !!!!!
Chaching!! Phone Post 3.0

Tip: to stop yourself from yawning, breathe through your nose. Phone Post 3.0

i didn't realize you were a fat chick in 2004.

yes i yawned. WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?!

double post

I did not yawn but do if I see someone yawn. Phone Post