Picture of Cooper and Franca

Checkout www.onzukas.com as they have posted the picture of Cooper knocking Franca out. Go to news link

it's onzuka.com, and here's the pic





cooper ko'd franca?

why isn't this all over the board?

pigpen I am shocked its not either. Cooper isnt getting any respect.

Excellent, congrats to Cooper!

shock the hell out of me.

Cooper did a great job!Props to Ray!!!!

Cause of the Penn fight this isnt being seen much.

Holy crap! How did the match go?


Props to Cooper.

Weird, i was hoping Uno would win so he could get another shot at Franca but they both got KTFO tonight.


Cooper is a badass, but seems inconsistent or something. He was one of the early guys to show real effective ground n pound.

ttt to have more attention.

holy shit

i'm still shocked. hermes is my boy.


congrats to braddah. he's obviously going to be VERY dangerous at 155.