Picture of my town

Dallas, Tx.  Population just over a million when I was growing up there.  My dad worked downtown and it was about an hour bus ride with at least one change (depending on weekend) to go see him. 


I loved growing up in the city, I loved that it felt like a living entity with its own personality.


I think I can spot the Frisco MILFs. Phone Post 3.0

I can see mah house from here Phone Post 3.0

I lived just north of that lake Northeast of downtown.


I have lived in a couple small towns, I do not see how anyone could do it.

i can do both without noticing the transition. i grew up an urban mexican redneck. city and country to me is like going from one hand to the other while masturbating, feels good either way.

I loved big cities & never thought I'd live anywhere else.

Now I live in a small seaside town & don't plan on leaving. Phone Post 3.0