Pictures from Ukraine

Here are some photos from my trip...




you picked a hell of a time to visit Ukraine.

great pics.

LOL, didn't you say you were going to avoid all the trouble? but then again, I pity the protester that would mess with you while Igor has a cup in his hand!

As I said on my Home from Ukraine thread, there really wasnt any trouble in the streets as the US media portrayed. Everything was very peaceful. Thousands of people were living in the camps on the streets in protest, but nobody was telling them they couldnt be there. The food shops were letting them have food, and other businesses that had showers and restrooms would let them use them. When we first arrived in Ukraine,of course we were concerned. But after driving throught he main center you realized it was not dangerous. Also, when we went to the town center, Igor had already left. But yes, he is a big hero for Ukraine and Im sure nobody would have messed with him.

Igor's fight was good. His opponant was alot bigger, but less experienced for sure. Igor threw some low kicks and some combos at first. Then he threw another low kick and the big guy caught his foot and almost threw Igor on his back. He recovered and took the big guy down. Kinda trapped in a guillotene. Then the ref stood them up, and Igor came back with a big left hook. Knocked the guy down hard. After the 8 count Igor threw some more combos and took the guy down again, immediately securing a heel hook. I have the whole fight on tape. It was awsome being there ringside watching him fight.

Ukrainian girls were everywhere. And tons of cute ones. At the dance club there were at least 4 girls to every guy. Not like here in the states where it is opposite. It was then that we taught our escorts the meaning of "sausage party". And it was funny the next day when one of them actually said sausage party at the mall and it was kinda used correctly. But anyways, yes there are MANY good looking women there. And of course alot of them like to talk to you. It was all in fun.

Here are a few more.

The Hotel we stayed at.

This is Max. He knows the meaning of Sausage Party.

All the fighters after the show. And the women performers

Ouch! Not even the worst injury of the night.

Dude that's awesome. Thanks for the photos!!


Very cool. Damn I wish I could've went!

great did Mike do? glad you guys got home ok-

I need more HC gear up here also-

I can see my house from there! I lived in Kiev, and in the next to last pic, across the dnipr river, you can see my apt bldg!

How cool is that?

Is USA media seriously portraying the Ukraine protests as violent ones? Here (europe) the reporting has been about that it's a serious situation but protesting has been peaceful albeit with a possability of getting worse given the seriousness of the situation.

Yes, we are told there is fighting in the streets. And even the President advised not traveling to Ukraine for our own safety. There was nothing dangerous about it. Of course there is a possiblity, like anywhere. While we where there, Ukraine accepted to have a re-vote from what I understand. That was very good news to most people, because it was one step closer to being able solve differences without war. They felt it was a new era for Ukraine.

Another funny story. On the way back to the airport on Monday, our driver Sergey was speeding. But everyone speeds there. Well, he got pulled over and was issued a ticket. I asked if how much he was gonna have to pay and he said the ticket was $8. But he told the police he lived in another city and since they would not be able to find him there, they would just throw away the ticket. He says he does that alot. LOL Their personal info isnt on the liscense as it is here.

hehe yeah, aparently they accepted a new vote, and now aparently there's also evidence that Juchenko was poisoned. The plot thickens.

Ya, it is crazy the things that will happen just for politics.

Here are some more.

A view of the city.

In the camps.

The V is for victory!

Hey Shooto, good to hear from you. We had a great time and hope to go back next year. I can send you some film of our trip maybe. I got a few fights including Igor's. And lots of film in the camps.

Awesome photos, thanks.

No, unfortunately I didnt video that. I really should have but was maybe a little to buzzed to really think about it. I wish I would have though now.

And the women, I really wouldnt be doing a good thing to bring back pictures of the women. My girl would be mad at me. But there are plenty of sites you can go to for that. But yes, there were many many good looking women.