Pictures from Vut's 11-21-03 show

Scott Harmon defeated Ethan Cox via KO in round 4Romie Adanza defeated Ulisis Nava via Unanimous Dec.Jose Aguilar defeated Rudi Bautista via TKO in round 2.Gary Webber defeated Carlos Quillen via Unanimous Dec.Beto Ibarra defeated Nguyen Fing via TKO in round 1.Kenny Finister defeated Mark 'The Hyena' Beecher via split dec.Victor Tenebra defeated Luis Rodriguez via TKO at the end of round 2.

No prob man!

nice pics, hey Keegan, how did Scott Harmon look?

Scott looked great, in fact he looked downright scary when he layed Ethan out like that. I look forward to seeing him fight again.

Keegan, I just found the thread you posted with the video of Scott's knockout. Him and I were training together for a while about a year ago, he's alot heavier than he was then. It's great that he was able to stay that strong into the fourth round and still able to finish that strongly.

I'll have to give 'em a call and congratulate him.


Oh very cool man. Did you used to train at KO Boxing?

hey Keegan thanks for the photos !!
i diddnt like the one where im getting hit though LMAO
well i thought i won that fight though,but i had alot of fun that time !

Not a problem. Mark did you download the video of your fight yet? I posted the link on the other thread.

Keegan, no, not at K.O., we got together at a couple of different places, The House of Champions and at someone's house in Thousand Oaks.

MarkHyena, I checked out the video of your fight, you looked great and put on great show. That fight could of gone either way, without being there, I would of called a draw, it was very close.

DAMN CAPS ON......ok im not yellin anymore.
i havent even seen it, i apprieciate it in advance !

i found it THANKS !!!!