these arent anything special for right now. I do have some really good pics/ 3 vids that im negotiating with ok magazine for. If they dont purchase them i will up load. These are some pics and video i took at scene.

once again the bad ones. If yall have any questions just ask me tho. I stayed their and taped/ saw interviews

and ps those tmz guys are rude lol. They told me to stay out their way because they are pros and this their job.

but once again i do have vid and pictures not in this album. Im trying to sell them to a couple places. If it falls through i will post. I havent seen any others like them and i have an interview with her dad.

Thats kinda lame


way to go scumbag.


TMZ are real "pros". They are jerkoffs with cameras that get paid to follow people around and harass them. Nothing professional about that at all.

I watched the first video, where do I go to get that 16 seconds of my life back.