Piece of Gazzy's A$$!!

Hello Everybody,

Gazzy Parman grappling sensation has a slot for advertising space free on back of her trunks for this year’s World Championships (ADCC) in Long Beach on Her Bum section. It will be great exposure for all companies and since Gazzy is one of the best female Grapplers in the US. You better believe the media and camera will be tuned in on Ms. Gazzy since this is the first year ever that a women’s division will be in ADCC. If you guys want to sponsor or know anybody that wants to sponsor somebody for the worlds this is their best chance! What a better way to get it then to win it on Ebay!!!!! Bid with confidence and you can find more details on Ebay!!!!

Link Below: CHECK IT OUT!!!


That's a sweet idea

I hope you do well.

Lovely billboard.

tj tapper

I am gonna bid, if I win it's gonna say "mongo's bitch"


Gazzy has beat the best women Grapplers in the US. Imagine your company logo on her Bum.. Cameras will be focusing!!! Thanks guys for your help!

I just tried to bid and ebay has a message that the auction has been removed? Wassup wit dat?

Pretty smart! Good luck Gazzy! :)

It's still there:


i checked it Dan and it looked fine. are you still having problems?

Bear, got it...just pushed it up another $100 :)

Oh damn, that's my buddy goatfury that I just outbid! LOL...sorry man :) didn't see ya there.

Dude, this thread needs pics of this beautiful girl!!!!

dude how do you post pics??? idk how?

she's equally as hot as Kyra Gracie, imo.


I hope Holla C reads this thread.. it may be his last chance!