Piers Morgan Tantrum: Navy Yard 'Is Not A Gun free


Piers Morgan Throws Tantrum: Navy Yard 'Is Not A Gun Free Zone'

On the September 16 airing of Piers Morgan Live, Piers Morgan responded to comments from gun scholar John Lott and radio host Ben Ferguson by saying "[the Navy Yard] is not a gun free zone."

He did this after Lott and Ferguson had successfully shown the Navy Yard was a soft target because military personnel are not allowed to carry firearms on U.S. bases and installations for self-defense. The exception to this rule being MPs who watch the gates and perimeter, and who are posted at the doors of certain base buildings.

Because of the guards on the perimeter, Morgan argued that "the Washington Navy Yard is heavily secured." But Lott stayed on point and talked of how wrong it is to deny our military personnel the ability to defend themselves because when someone figures out how to get past the perimeter--perhaps by using a stolen ID as Aaron Alexxis is alleged to have done--then they can shoot with impunity because our service men and women have no means of self-defense.

Ferguson seconded Lott and said we saw this same thing at Fort Hood: "When the only people there who can protect these individuals are those at the gate and the front door, when you allow a military base to be infiltrated by an individual like this, at that point he has free rein until those at the gates can come and find him."

Morgan responded, "It is not gun free zone...there were armed guards at the naval base."

Ferguson then said: "If you are in the United States Navy and we trust you with Navy ships and war, why in the hell wouldn't we trust you to carry your weapon to work?" Morgan responded by saying Ferguson was missing the point.

Morgan then ended the segment by saying, "More guns is not the answer."

I can't stand Piers Morgan. The smug asshole gets owned in every gun debate he has. I struggle to even call them debates considering his only tactics are appeals to emotion and selective hearing.

him getting owned by Ben Shapiro a while back was awesome

I was tempted to type that Morgan is a clown, but I wouldn't want to insult clowns.


Don't watch that garbage and don't support it at all.  It's crazy what American MSM displays as their news.


Most of it's as made up as any other TV show, for ratings.


Get piers out of there. So many better uk'ers. We need to give Vinnie Jones his own show here in America. He is big into politics. Phone Post 3.0

"Reports are that the hackers uses Dell computers"


"If you are in the United States Navy and we trust you with Navy ships and war, why in the hell wouldn't we trust you to carry your weapon to work?"

LOL. Five years active duty Navy, and the only time I ever touched a weapon was in boot camp - Just long enough to pick up the pre-loaded weapon, fire five rounds at a paper target, put it back down, and step away.

No way I would trust some of my shipmates with a loaded weapon - Hazard to themselves and others.

Army, Marines, different story. Depending on MOS.

Bill Clinton made this decision.  He and HIllary hate guns and did not want them around themselves either.  Caused a lot of problems back then for those that had to protect them.

Morgan is awesome, proper gets under the skin of daft, simple, chubby Americans.

The intelligent, healthy Americans simply ignore him, as they should. Phone Post 3.0

How do you make time to view someone like that?  Who in their right mind would do that?


Watching 'TV News' (I don't think they're allowed to call it news anymore actually) pundits like him or any of the other idiots is just a waste of time.


Play video games or something instead, it would be time better spent and wouldn't make you as stupid...At least you're working on motor skills.