Piggy needs to change

Does Piggy need to change?

Do we need a IPF (International Piggy Federation)

Do we need standardized rules across the world to promote and help
regulate this wonderful game/warm-up!

I say YES!

To many times, I have I gone to another Dojo to find the rules of Piggy
different from the ones at my home Dojo.

I would often find myself at an immediate disadvantage, trying to not
only learn about my new teammates and opponents, but the rules as-


I have a few-

-No hitting from behind (Safety)

-When a team is "Skins" there will be no using lubricants, oils, or other
products on the skin

-Goalies are not allowed to wear an oversized judogi.

-But there will be no restriction on where you may shoot from (This
hopefully will help the goalie from cheating out of his/her net, and well
as encourage more shoots/more goals/more action)

Some I feel that should be debated are-

-Dropping the ball, kicking it, and then chasing after it (basically a
pass to yourself. Does this promote teamwork? Will this make people
become ball hogs?)

-The ball must bounce at least once to count as a goal (I like when it
bounces, makes it a little easier on the goalie)

Thank you

we use a medicine ball as the goal. it sits inside a 2-tatami square and nobody is allowed inside the square. you can shoot from anywhere.

by doing so we got rid of the fat goalies laying on their sides in front of the goal.

it has become a more dynamic game as well.