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World Fighting League came through yet again with a great show last night from Club Lido in Revere. "Mortal Conquest" was comprised of thirteen fights, including three title fights and WFL's first Women's fight.. The venue was packed, and no one left unsatisfied as the fighters delivered quite an exciting show. Aside from my own problem getting a seat ringside due to a late arrival from the person with my Press pass, the night ran very smoothly, which is suddenly becoming a regular occurrence in Massachusetts MMA events.

that place was packed.alot of hot girls been going to shows also.that too is becoming a trend in mass and nj.not that i really look at girls cause im married but just thought i would mention that

IMO you have got to read the reviews just to learn about the unorthodox submission move used by Cesario De Souza:

The Camel-Toe Clutch!

Camel Clutch, that's a way to end a fight. Don't mention the Camel Clutch to Bob Backlund!

I predict Cesario wins his next fight by the Crossface Chicken Wing.

Great fights all around.