i'm signed up for this class at the college here and besides hot girls in spandex what can i expect? will i get leaner, more muscular, etc??

more muscular?  'probably' not very quickly.  But depends on your shape and level of activity or lack of it = better results.

Basically you won't get musucular from Pilates  unless you spend about 35hrs a week doing it for a solid 4-7yrs.  Then you will start to be "more musucular".  I sh!t you not.

It will be amazing for your body, abs, back, triceps, hips and legs.  Most of it is statically done or holds and balances.  But this will really depend on the 'type' of Pilates that is being taught.

Will help you to be stronger from your mid section.

Can you do an L sit?  Sit on the floor with your feet in front of you.  Now press on the floor.  Can you raise your legs off the floor completely?  Only with the pressing of your arms down on to th ground.  Got to be able to hold it.  Not just kick your legs up and hold it.  Bent legs don't count!

If you can then that is pretty good going.


thanks man. so will i look more defined and stuff? i'm also starting to workout again after a 1 year break. but i think i'm in decent shape except for the little belly i'm getting from beer.

Being *defined* is the combination of having some muscle mass and being lean.

Lean will be a combination of eating no calories over what is required for you to use up.  If you eat in more calories then you use you will put on fat.  If you eat less you will use up the fat you currently have.

Just go easy on the beer and have a go.  You may respond very well to it. 

I'd also recommend doing weights and running or some cardio of sorts.



i'm signed up for this class at the college here and besides bucaneers yielding cutlasses what can i expect? will i get pillaged, stabbed, etc??

pilates? I love drinking those.

Hilarious commercial.