Pilot slaps co-pilot mid-air, fight, leave cockpit

Jet Airways pilots 'leave cockpit unattended while having a fight' during Mumbai to London flight

India's Jet Airways is investigating claims that a male pilot slapped his female colleague during an argument while the plane was in the air with 324 passengers onboard.

The female pilot left the cockpit in tears followed immediately by her co-pilot. They then had a second fight and this time, the cabin crew was quite afraid of the fight happening in the cockpit. They requested her to go to the cockpit and fly the plane safely to its destination.

As a result of the incident the controls were left unattended on the flight which had 323 passengers and 14 crew members aboard.

This was a violation of aviation safety rules which demand at least one pilot remains at the controls at all times during the flight.

"Shortly after the plane took off, the two pilots had a fight," a source told The Times of India. "The co-pilot slapped the lady pilot and she left the cockpit in tears. She stood in the galley sobbing.

The cabin crew tried to comfort her and send her back to the cockpit, but in vain."

She had to be persuaded to go back in by cabin crew.

Jet Airways released a statement: "A misunderstanding occurred between the cockpit crew ... However, the same was quickly resolved amicably and the flight ... continued its journey to Mumbai, landing safely."

A ruling party MP, Kirit Somaiya, said hundreds of lives could have been at risk by the altercation and that the airline and pilots should be punished.


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Dajuisher - 

Why she slap?

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Foreign air carriers are fucking SCARY. Sooo many mishaps caused by rank differential. 

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Dajuisher - 

Why she slap?


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