Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Man...

what do both of these bands have in common?

F and O?

lol, nope

Acid-casualty genius founders/guitarists?

(Assuming the thread title is a typo anyway)

lol, damn i didnt even notice my typo.

yep, ali is right. both had founders who went crazy from drug use and left the band before the band became commercial successes.

Keep those limeys away from the LSD!

An acid casuality musician list might be needed here, just for
sociological interest, of course.

Lets keep it to acid and other psychedelics.

We have Syd Barret and Peter Green, I'll add:

Brian Wilson

Roky Ericson

I was under the impression Roky was an ECT casualty... ?


sorry -- electro-convulsive therapy. "Shock treatments". I don't know the story, or don't remember, so I might be mixing up details (or the whole damned thing) with someone else... but I thought Roky checked himself into a mental hospital needlessly (shades of Mingus) and then got his brain fried....

[*Note/disclaimer: I am not at all against modern ECT... just badly-done ECT]

and when the band you're in starts playing different tunes...

Oh yes, did all my Scientology training turn out to be useless:)

You may be right Ali, I thought the ECT was post acid but I don't know the details. Either way I'm sure it didn't help. Shades of Kesey.

On another unrelated topic, did anybody catch 'The Devil and Daniel Johnson' doc that was out last year?

No! I want to see that doc, though. Same filmmaker(s) who did the one about Half Japanese, "The Band who Would Be King". That's some high quality viewing and listening!

In the case of Roky, probably the acid did come first. Maybe it's just pro-drug propaganda that I've read (roughly "yeah, but the acid didn't hurt him, the doctors did!") Or maybe the acid didn't hurt him. I don't know. OK, he stays on the list ;-)