Pink is my favorite color. Wink wink.


Unzips before bed

Dear lawd...

...make it stop.


Damn you to hell.

you are one disturbed individual

The ring of vericose veins encircling her gunt is quite an impressive sight.

Her backside moved to the front side and raised up a foot..

Nice hairdo.

ahhhh, pink…wink wink

Slept183 -

ahhhh, pink…wink wink


What goes in does not come back out the same…

OP I see your SN under the title and I know I shouldn't click it, but damn it I just can't help myself


Cease with this behavior.

I applaud your love of women in all shapes and sizes...and ages. I'm 41. Not quite into all the women you post, but I'm sure in 10 years I will be. ????

I would fuck those old chicks but I wouldn't tell anybody about it 

I need my rent paid...

Not the one that winks but the one that stinks