Pink Kimono

I want to suprise my wife with a pink kimono--like Kyra Gracie has.  My wife says she wants to train this summer with me while she's off school.  Anyone know where I can pick one up?

And yes, I expect many comments from all of you here.

Sure, it's for your "wife"

I think your feminine side is starting to show late in life Raspado.

I'm getting a pink gi once I'm a blackbelt for my... err... wife...

You just wish Polako!

Hey Trust- do you have the link for the KF pink kimono.

My mate Wacky is rocking a Pink Gi on the front of the SBG Ireland site:

You can buy my used one. When I would wear it to class everyone would beat the Bleep out of me.

I'm 6'1" 175lbs.

I wore one (my first gi) for a couple of sessions. It started out as a white gi but turned pink thanks to a red blanket my roommate threw in the same wash (that stupid lazy bastard!!!). I had no choice but to wear it until my new gi came in. The only special powers it gave me were acquiring disconcerted looks from my sparring partners. I keep it around as a spare gi, and wear it on days I'm feeling extra sassy ;)