Pinnacle Exits U.S. Market


Dear Sir,

After careful consideration, Pinnacle Sports has made the decision to voluntarily exit the U.S. market. Accordingly, as of Thursday, 11 January 2007, wagers will no longer be accepted from clients within the U.S. This decision was given much thought by the Management of Pinnacle Sports and one we do not anticipate changing.

Please be assured that all funds will be returned to our clients. You may use the Cashier of your account to process your withdrawal. Our normal policies for withdrawals will apply.

Any pending wagers in your account will be honored by Pinnacle Sports. As your wagers are graded, you may use the Cashier of your account to request any balance due.

Pinnacle Sports will continue providing our services to our non-US based clients.

We sincerely appreciate your support of our site and apologize in advance for any slight delays you may encounter as we exit our US clients.


Customer Service Department
Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle was the best site out there for betting MMA (and every other sport). This really sucks.

gawd that fucking blows... good to hear the US gov has solved all our problems over in Iraq that we can now go after internet gambling...

they won't let you cash out your future wagers now either. fucking assholes. no warning either.

for them to announce this so suddenly, I gotta believe they have a major reason to do so... they are in what I understand to be the most profitable season for a sportsbook: NFL playoffs and superbowl... this has got to be hurting them...

anyone else know of a book that offers low juice like pinny did?

More and more books are starting to offer MMA lines, but none of them are as tight as Pinnacle.

Does Bodog offer mma lines?

What about They have toll free customer service line. But I have noticed that they don't carry all matches on the UFC cards for bets.