Pinnacles MMA+ K-1 Betting Odds

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Hero's K-1 MMA (Osaka, Japan): Individual Matchups
Fri 12/30 Musashi (JPN) vs Bob Sapp (USA)
08:00 PM 3 Musashi (JPN) -250
  4 Bob Sapp (USA) +230

Fri 12/30 Royce Gracie (BRA) vs Hideo Tokoro (JPN
08:00 PM 5 Royce Gracie (BRA) -650
  6 Hideo Tokoro (JPN +590
Fri 12/30 Heath Herring (USA) vs Yoshihiro Nakao (JPN
08:00 PM 7 Heath Herring (USA) -315
  8 Yoshihiro Nakao (JPN +285

Fri 12/30 Peter Aerts (HOL) vs Shungo Oyama (JPN
08:00 PM 9 Peter Aerts (HOL) -600
  10 Shungo Oyama (JPN +540

Fri 12/30 Jerome LeBanner (FRA) vs Alan Karaev (RUS
08:00 PM 11 Jerome LeBanner (FRA) -460
  12 Alan Karaev (RUS +420

Fri 12/30 Semmy Schilt (HOL) vs Ernesto Hoost (HOL
08:00 PM 13 Semmy Schilt (HOL) -330
  14 Ernesto Hoost (HOL +300

Hero's K-1 MMA (Osaka, Japan): MIddleweight Tournament Final
Fri 12/30 Genki Sudo (JPN) vs Norifumi Yamamoto (JPN)
08:00 PM 1 Genki Sudo (JPN) -183
  2 Norifumi Yamamoto (JPN) +173

PRIDE FIGHTING -MMA Shockwave  2005- Saitama, Japan - December 30, 2005 - 8pm pst

Wanderlei Silva (BRA)  -175
Ricardo Arona (BRA) 
Middleweight Title Match

Fedor Emelianenko (RUS)  -1400
Zulu (BRA)

Aleksander Emalianenko (RUS)  -820
Pawel Nastula (POL) 

Dan Henderson (USA) -300
Murilo Bustamante (BRA) 
2005 Welterweight Tournament Final

Takanori Gomi (JPN)  -300
Hayato Sakurai (JPN) 
2005 Lightweight Tournament Final

Hidehiko Yoshida (JPN)  -440
Naoya Ogawa (JPN) 

Kazushi Sakuraba (JPN)  -350
Ikuhisa Minowa (JPN)
Individual Matchup

Charles Bennett (USA) -800
Ken Kaneko (JPN)
Individual Matchup

James Thompson (ENG) -770
Paulo Cesar Silva (BRA)

Kazuhiro Nakamura (JPN)  -200
Yuki Kondo (JPN) 

Mirko Cro Cop (CRO)  -220
Mark Hunt (NZL) 

Sanae Kikuta (JPN) -250
Makoto Takimoto (JPN) 
Individual Matchup


Hey Oddessa, appreciate you putting these up in this form, so we have a reference to the opening lines.

Kid looks like a good bet to me.

I actually like Kid in this bout. I think it should be alot closer than the line indicates. I bet him earlier today at  another site at a higher + number. I  also took a small shot on Hunt, Kondo  and Herring  at different numbers.

Paulo ceasar silva is the uncoordinated 7 plus foot Brazilian and possible the only Pride heavyweight worse than Thompson.

you probably know him as Giant Silva

I might have to drop some money on some of those(not giant silva though lol)


Hunt looks like a steal to me with Cro Cop at -220. Hunt wants this fight real bad.

I figured Tokoro would be a solid underdog, but +590? I dunno, that looks kind of tempting.

Made a different thread about this awhile ago, but here's the short of it.

When the bell sounds to begin the first round, the bout will be considered official for betting purposes, regardless of the scheduled length or title.

Most sportsbooks  got it right.  The bout never started so regardless of K-1's scorebook ruling, the bout has to be NO ACTION for bettors. (Refunds of all wagers on both sides.) 

I'm suprised at  K-1's thought process in ruling a possible win for Nakao. Under those circumstances,  in the USA or boxing, no sanctioning body would call it a win.  The bout never started. 

Books would likely just have to eat what they paid out. 

 I recall a UFC where something similar happened with a Matt Serra bout. With online sportsbooks its not that big a deal because the money is not directly handed over immediately. As for Brodie- Chi, not many walk up books even offer odds on these type boxing matches. 

 Boxing betting was a dying thing in Vegas, especially the small bouts, untill roughly 2001. You couldnt find a book to offer odds on foreign , non TV stuff, or an ESPN type card. Offshore opened the door for that.  

UFC betting was unheard of in casinos  until a couple years after  offshore's started offering it and letting people bet big on the events. Vegas does not take a big bet on MMA.

Anyways, to answer your question, the walk up sportsbooks would likely just eat the payouts on the wrong side and pay the decision that was reversed that night.  I guess the rule is 'night of the fight' a opposed to announced 'decision in the ring.'  In the event of some mishap, sportsbooks would simply hold up payment of tickets. Kinda like a racetrack would.

The Herring bout was a no  brainer though. Like I mentioned, I question K-1's credibilty when they declare a guy a winner when the bell never rang and the bout never started.  Its pretty lame IMO. Thast why I dont like offering it. Way too shady, but that boxing rule and others like it are in effect to prevent this kind of stuff from happening..........

13) In order to have action, the game must go:
(College-Pro) 55 min. of play
Basketball (Pro) 43 min. of play
Basketball (College) 35 min. of play
Hockey (Pro) 55 min. of play
Boxing (Pro-amateur) 1st round bell
Other sports (W/time-limits) 5 min. of play remaining
Baseball (Home Team Winning) 4 1/2 innings complete
Baseball (Visitor Winning) 5 innings complete
Baseball (Total Runs-Home team winning) 8 1/2 innings complete
Baseball (Total Runs-visitor winning) 9 innings complete

UFC 57-Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV: UFC Lightheavyweight Championship

Sat 2/4 Chuck Liddell vs Randy Couture
08:30 PM 21 Chuck Liddell -194
  22 Randy Couture +179

UFC 57-Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV: Heavyweights

Sat 2/4 Frank Mir vs Marcio Cruz
08:00 PM 23 Frank Mir -268
  24 Marcio Cruz +248
Sat 2/4 Renato "Babalu" Sobral vs Mike Van Arsdale
07:00 PM 25 Renato "Babalu" Sobral -344
  26 Mike Van Arsdale +314
Sat 2/4 Barndon Vera vs Justin Eilers
07:00 PM 27 Barndon Vera -237
  28 Justin Eilers +217
Sat 2/4 Paul Buentello vs Gilbert Aldano
07:00 PM 29 Paul Buentello -256
  30 Gilbert Aldano +236
Sat 2/4 Jeff Monson vs Brandon Lee Hinkle
05:00 PM 33 Jeff Monson -244
  34 Brandon Lee Hinkle +224
Sat 2/4 Mike Whitehead vs Kieth Jardine
05:00 PM 37 Mike Whitehead +121
  38 Kieth Jardine -131

UFC 57-Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV: Light Heavyweights

Sat 2/4 Alessio Sakara vs Elvis Sinosic
05:00 PM 35 Alessio Sakara -382
  36 Elvis Sinosic +342

UFC 57-Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV: UFC Lightheavyweight Championship

Sat 2/4 Chuck Liddell vs Randy Couture
08:30 PM 21 Chuck Liddell -162
  22 Randy Couture +152

UFC 57-Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV: Welterweights

Sat 2/4 Nick Diaz vs Joe Riggs
07:00 PM 31 Nick Diaz -155
  32 Joe Riggs +145

UFC 58: USA vs Canada-Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas: Heavyweights

Sat 3/4 Tom Murphy vs Chistophe Midoux
07:00 PM 13 Tom Murphy -163
  14 Chistophe Midoux +153

UFC 58: USA vs Canada-Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas: Lightweights

Sat 3/4 Yves Edwards vs Mark Hominick
07:00 PM 9 Yves Edwards -541
  10 Mark Hominick +491
Sat 3/4 Kenny Florian vs Sam Stout
07:00 PM 11 Kenny Florian -159
  12 Sam Stout +149

UFC 58: USA vs Canada-Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas: Middleweights

Sat 3/4 Nate Marquardt vs Joe Doerksen
07:00 PM 5 Nate Marquardt -210
  6 Joe Doerksen +190
Sat 3/4 Mike Swick vs Steve Vigneault
07:00 PM 7 Mike Swick -603
  8 Steve Vigneault +543

UFC 58: USA vs Canada-Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas: UFC Middleweight Championship

Sat 3/4 Rich Franklin vs David Loiseau
08:30 PM 1 Rich Franklin -301
  2 David Loiseau +271

UFC 58: USA vs Canada-Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas: Welterweights

Sat 3/4 B.J. Penn vs Georges St. Pierre
08:00 PM 3 B.J. Penn +140
  4 Georges St. Pierre -150
Sat 3/4 Diego Sanchez vs John Alessio
07:00 PM 15 Diego Sanchez -510
  16 John Alessio +460

Pride Fighting 31: Unbreakable-Saitama Super Dome: Matchups

Sat 2/25 Mark Hunt vs Yosuke Nishijima
11:00 PM 1 Mark Hunt -1350
  2 Yosuke Nishijima +1050
Sat 2/25 Mario Sperry vs Tsuyoshi Kohsaka
11:00 PM 3 Mario Sperry -157
  4 Tsuyoshi Kohsaka +147
Sat 2/25 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Kiyoshi Tamura
11:00 PM 5 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira -1500
  6 Kiyoshi Tamura +1200
Sat 2/25 Sergei Kharitonov vs Alistair Overeem
11:00 PM 7 Sergei Kharitonov -411
  8 Alistair Overeem +371
Sat 2/25 Fabricio Werdum vs Jon Olav Einemo
11:00 PM 9 Fabricio Werdum -166
  10 Jon Olav Einemo +156
Sat 2/25 Quinton Jackson vs Dong Sik Yoon
11:00 PM 11 Quinton Jackson -1100
  12 Dong Sik Yoon +800
Sat 2/25 Pedro Rizzo vs Roman Zentsov
11:00 PM 13 Pedro Rizzo -277
  14 Roman Zentsov +257
Sat 2/25 Josh Barnett vs Kazuhiro Nakamura
11:00 PM 15 Josh Barnett -400
  16 Kazuhiro Nakamura +360
Sat 2/25 Mauricio Rua vs Mark Coleman
11:00 PM 17 Mauricio Rua -414
  18 Mark Coleman +384

K-1 Fighting World GP - Auckland, NZ


Sat 3/4 Remy Bonjasky vs Ray Sefo
06:00 PM 1 Remy Bonjasky -170
  2 Ray Sefo +160
Sat 3/4 Semmy Schilt vs Peter Aerts
06:00 PM 3 Semmy Schilt -362
  4 Peter Aerts



MMA Fight Odds

Icon Sport Fighting - Hawaii: Middleweights

Sat 2/25 Robbie Lawler vs Niko Vitale
09:15 PM 1 Robbie Lawler -250
  2 Niko Vitale +230

Has happened before.


M.E.N. Arena, Manchester, Greater Manchester, England

10-18- 2003- In Jin Chi vs Michael Brodie ended in a DRAW after 12 Rounds

~ Referee: Daniel Van de Wiele | 112-114 | 113-113 | 113-113 ~
~ Vacant WBC Featherweight Title ~

The fight was initially a MD12 for Chi, but it was changed to a majority draw half hour later when WBC President Jose Sulaiman determined that there was an error in the scoring of one of the cards.
Title had been declared vacant when reigning champ Erik Morales was named "WBC Champion Emeritus".

MAb by Decision is the correct grade. Fight for your money. MAB  won the fight. Allotta shops graded it wrong.

sounds like bullshit to me