Pins and needles in knee from years of BJJ

I'm a brown belt in bjj and for the past two years I keep getting spots on my knees that feel like pins and needles every time my knee hits the mat. It's goes away after five days if I stay away from training but usaully come right back on the second or third day of training.

Anybody else? How do you make them better?

 I like threads like this because you'll get a bunch of silly answers from a few clowns.. then someone will show up with really good advise.. then you'll get more silly answers, then another serious one...

I'll start with a serious answer

See a doctor

I hope that helps sir :)

Rick and I are old enough to know when you should go to the doctor, should go to a doctor.

see a doctor.

dennis5 - see a doctor.



I've been to the Doctor. I saw one two days ago and did not get any answers. Usually with docs I get a look of disgust as I discribe what I did to cause the injuries that I sustain in my training.

If anyone has seen a Dr. and gotten an answer. What was the treatment?

 Inject rubbing alcohol under your kneecap with a Turkey basting syringe.

Does this work for a silly answer

Awsome, will do this afternoon. How much? asshole

I think you should see a specialist.

i had the pins and needles affect on my Achilles tendon after years of not tapping to leg locks. It was brutal, I couldn't rest my legs on anything because if anything touched the tendon, the pins and needles would radiate up my leg. I stopped grappling (or not tapping when i grapple) for several years and its 100% now.

either way...see a doctor

knee pads?

see a doc, but don't jump at the notion of surgery. seek out people who are sport oriented and didn't want to sacrifice their sport for the knee.

I was this close to posting an homage thread entitled "Pins and needles in knee from years of BJs," but I'd suppose that's just too easy.