Pirates keeps crashing

I'm REALLY pissed that I bought this game.

I LOVED the original, and this updated version rocks- BUT IT KEEPS FUCKING CRASHING!!!!!

Apparently, this is a big problem. I've searched the web and found out that a lot of people are having the same problem.

And what sucks is I can't return it, because they'll just give me the same game since it's been opened.

I shut down all my processes running, and sometimes I can play for 10-15 min before it crashes.

Does anyone have this game and have you had problems? How did you resolve them?

when did the game come out? If recently you'll probably just have to wait for the patch.

you shoulda gotten a pirated version, matey, never crashes

had the same problem. what worked for me is to turn the object detail all the way up, after that is was fine. you'll need to lower some other details if the frame rates slow down too much.

PC gaming is hassle free.

"what worked for me is to turn the object detail all the way up"

How did you do that?

runs like a rock for me. update video drivers, that's the usual problem.

in the game's settings you should see a bar for objects details. turn that all the way up, after doing that it shouldn't crash anymore.

i'm not sure why it works when you do this but it works. i tried everything else including updating drivers and turning off every application in the background but that wasn't the problem.

I've updated the drivers. The computer is brand new, only less than 3 weeks old.

I'll try to adjust the settings under the options again and see how that works.

I'm thinking I may need to upgrade the video card, which I may do anyways since I want to do some stuff with home movies.

I changed the settings and it hasn't crashed yet.

The only problem I have is that occasionally, some of the other people in the game have no color- they look like the T1000. Same with my character.

Wierd. what vid card are you using?

"If you believe what you read on game-forums, it is impossible to run any PC game ever made on any machine. In fact, only a small % of people actually get problems; its just that these are the most vocal about them."

Ah incorrect, but apparently everyone here is fuckin troubleshooting guru's or some shit, so maybe you're right.

That's a shame though, I've had Pirates working on my machine (got a guy with 96 fame! Career almost over though), and it hasn't crashed even once I can remember.

HAHAHA! Sweet, that cracked me up.

I fucking love that game, it's like having an arcade cabinet for my pc, like MAME, pick up and play yet also RPG and shit. Just a good game, no wonder it's Sid Meier's fave game.

Ya, no kiddin. Hop in, kick ass for 30 minutes or 8 hours, and it's still fun.

jonwell, not a very good one. It's the one that came with my g/f's computer (Dell).

I've been thinking of upgrading, but other than this game, I really aren't into computer games, since I have PS2, Xbox, and the Cube.

I want to say it's an Intel card.

It's no big deal though, since it really doesn't effect gameplay.

"If there is a pattern to the crashes (e.g they always happen at the same part of the game) then you can say there is a specific fault with the software. If it just happens randomly however, then there is something wrong with your setup. Unfortunately, these problems are always hardest to fix."

I'm not having a go at you Felix, and I've never had a problem making a game work or cracking one, BUT, I meet lots of people without a lot of pc skills and they often have problems. I think it's one part nerdy elitism and another part pc knowledge to profess that all pc's live harmoniously with all software. It's not so.

Sorry, Intel GPU? Is that the problem for Pirates?

Could very well be.

"An Intel GPU is almost certainly lower than Pirates minimum spec."

Nah, I checked after I bought the game. Since I'm not into computer games, I forgot to check.

It meets the requirements IIRC. And I haven't had any problems since I fixed the settings. When I turned the water effects all the way up, the game stopped crashing.

The only thing is when I'm in town, my guy has that T1000 look, but I couldn't give a shit. And oddly, the Dutch get that look too. Except for the Dutch bitches, who look spectacular.