Pirates most memorable 2003 event




pop fly moises alou should have no problem with this.

oh wait a "TYPICAL CUBS FAN" he interferes with his own team's player.

not to mention that will never be in my mind longer than the memory of me sitting at my computer in tears hearing that Brian Giles was just traded to the padres for a number for starter!

kempo - I'm scouring your roster to see who the Cubs can borrow this September for our pennant run. Any additional info or recommendations would be helpful.


Jim Hendry

well it looks like we maybe picking up the Sausage Swatter Simon again this year. so come sept he may be available again.

also kendell will probably be yours for the having if we are more than 10 games out come august.

mmh depending on your starting pitching injuries if we are out of it and if you have an injury expect your management to make a strong play for Kris Benson.

and there will be two or three veteran relievers on our squad this year who will pull a AA B+ prospect come sept if we are out of it again. Acevedo, Jose Mesa, guthrie, joe biemel too name but a few.


Hawkeye how can u talk so much shit..When was the last time the cubs went to the world series

Props for a snappy comeback, Shadetree. Whoa, didn't see that one coming.

But I think kempo knows this thread was directed to him and he can stick up for himself. We're just ribbing each other a little before the season.


All NL Central shit-talking is to be done in jest, and should be uninterrupted.

Maybe Simon can change his name to Abe Frohman, sausage king of Chicago :)